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Pentecost river crossing, Gibb River Road.
Photo: Pentecost river crossing, Gibb River Road.

Tourism is one of the Kimberley’s iconic industries, yet visitation statistics can be difficult to quantify due to the far-reaching nature of expenditure by visitors. We recommend that interpretation of visitation statistics be done in conjunction with other information sources such as Australian Bureau of Statistics, feedback from local operators, and information from local Visitor Centres.

According to Tourism WA, for the past 10 years over 50% of visitors to the region are domestic from within Australia. Top international markets to the region included Germany,  United States of America and the United Kingdom. Among all domestic and international visitors to the region, more than 50% are drawn to the Kimberley for holiday or leisure.

The emergence of COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted on the Kimberley region’s tourism and hospitality industries. Below are links to overnight visitor factsheets prepared by Tourism WA Strategy and research in June 2020 and based on a rolling three year average 2017/18/19. The links below may be useful for those interested in better understanding profile of visitors to the Kimberley, devise recovery or enhancement strategies for their businesses, or support grant applications:

Note that recent statistics may not be available or reliable due to COVID-19.

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