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Frequently Asked Questions

The WA State Government has asked the Kimberley Development Commission to produce the Kimberley Regional Investment Blueprint as an aspirational guide for the region’s development through to 2036. The Blueprint seeks to identify what future the region aspires to or wants for itself, what it is capable of, what opportunities and challenges are in front of it and the best ways to measure all of those factors. The Blueprint then seeks to determine strategies that can deliver real outcomes against the Region’s aspirations.

By setting out the key strategies and robust ways of measuring the contribution of any undertaking in the region to the region’s aspirations, the Blueprint aims to contribute to an environment of sustainable, inclusive and enduring development for the region.

The Blueprint has been under development for nearly 2 years. More than 70 organisations and stakeholders’ representative were consulted. In preparing the draft, WA State Government Departments and Agencies, Local Government, private corporations and businesses, Aboriginal Corporations, non-government organisations, regional and community leaders and community organisations have provided detailed input into the development of the Blueprint.

The Kimberley Region covers the Shires of Broome, Derby/West Kimberley, Halls Creek and Wyndham/East Kimberley and all of the towns, settlements and communities within these Shires.

How does the Blueprint relate to other strategic planning documents?

The preparation of the Blueprint has taken into account over 177 planning documents, reports, strategies and schemes that cover the region.

The Blueprint incorporates the relevant provisions of WA’s key planning documents including the State Planning Strategy and, the Kimberley Planning and Infrastructure Framework. It also references the key planning documents from each of the Shire Councils in the region and other regional development planning documents including the Kimberley Workforce Development Plan, the Regional Freight Transport Plan and the State Water Plan.

No. The Blueprint is not a prediction. In addition to consulting over 70 key stakeholders and working through the 177 plans, reports, studies and schemes that have been prepared in recent times that impact the Kimberley, over 20 Expert Position Papers  have been assembled or commissioned on key aspects impacting the region’s development. This latter body of work is available on the KDC website and will be a useful resource into the future. The KDC plans to add to this evidence base over time so that a sound and evolving body of information is available widely throughout the region. Taking all of its evidence base into account, the Blueprint puts forward the first version of what the region could look like into the future if we achieve a vision focussed on people, place and prosperity.

Any long range view of future prospects needs to assume a planning horizon and in this case the Blueprint is aligned with the Census that will occur in 2036. In preparing the Blueprint, the KDC has tried to balance a long term view with the available information and to keep within the upper bounds of sustainable development. Population projections out to 2036 were available and have been included. Whilst planning beyond 2036 is definitely possible, the practicality of assessing trends and impacts, in such a rapidly changing world, over a longer period could impact upon the credibility of the document. The KDC chose to initially use a timeframe to 2036 in this the first Blueprint and to re-assess the planning period with future versions

The Blueprint has a broad audience. The KDC hopes that the Blueprint will be relevant across the Kimberley and across sectors and interests. The Blueprint will attempt to influence better decision making across both the public, private sector and community sector.

The Blueprint is not designed or intended to ‘control’ any particular activity or interest. It is however pitched as a strong influence, that will help Kimberley people and all those that impact or benefit from development of the Kimberley to shape a long term view of the region, its prospects and what might be achieved with consistent, focussed and co-operative effort.

The Blueprint establishes some bold targets for the future. The targets will be useful as a way of regional people and investors assessing how well particular initiatives contribute to the long term aspirations of the region.  This could be a powerful tool that has not been available to the region before. Progress against those targets will be measured by a comprehensive and developing suite of “Indicators of Progress”. The Blueprint proposes that KDC and its partners report regularly on a final set of targets and Indicators of progress.

During the life of the Blueprint, the KDC expects that the evidence base will change and evolve. This improving information base will impact on some of the strategies and consequently upon the Blueprint’s targets and indicators of Progress. This should be expected in a rapidly changing and developing region. The KDC will be the custodian of the Blueprint and will work with its partners throughout the region and elsewhere to keep the Blueprint up to date and relevant to the contemporary region. The Blueprint will continue to be a dynamic influence on change and regional transformation into the future.

The Blueprint is the first attempt in the Kimberley to take a long term and vision-centred view of what the region’s future could be, from a broad range of perspectives and needs. The Blueprint tackles some of the difficult and challenging issues facing the region, including how it deals with its people to ensure that all have a bright future, how the precious values of environment and culture remain for future generations and how its economy can prosper to the benefit of all Kimberley people. With these objectives supported by measurable targets and a process to monitor progress, the Blueprint provides a unique and comprehensive future focussed tool for the region.

The KDC holds the view that the region has enormous ‘upside’ development opportunity but similarly, for many of the region’s residents there is a very challenging development dynamic  that acts against the region achieving full benefits . This is one of the most pressing matters to deal with as Kimberley faces its future, and solutions require us all to harness whatever tools are possible. The Blueprint embraces this challenge as a transformational objective. Central to the draft Blueprint are strategies and mechanisms to ensure that as the region develops its full economic potential and we are all able to drive the necessary social improvements and advancements to that ensures future generations of Kimberley people have a realistic opportunity to benefit.  Everyone has a part to play and the Blueprint sets itself as an important influence.

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