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The Kimberley is characterised by a demographic set that includes approximately 50% Aboriginal people.

On this page we present key demographic statistics for the region including estimated resident population, natural population increase, migration (interstate and overseas) and population projections.

Population Trends

Estimated resident population per Local Government Area (LGA)
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An Indigenous perspective

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Key components of our population growth: natural increase, net internal and overseas migration

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Population Projections

How many people are expected to call the Kimberley home in the years to come?

In this section we present median (moderate) and also highest forecast figures for the population of sub-regions in the Kimberley (or equivalent to ‘band C’ and ‘band E’ in forecast range terms).

These population figures are regularly produced and updated by the WA Planning Commission, which generates population projections. It is worth noting that these forecasts are not an exact prediction of the future population of the Kimberley, rather they highlight opportunities or hurdles that may need to be addressed in the future.

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