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Regional Economic Development Grants (RED Grants)

The Regional Economic Development Grants (RED Grants) program is a State Government initiative investing $55.85 million over ten years (2018-19 to 2027-28) to stimulate economic growth and development in regional Western Australia. This initiative demonstrates the State Government’s commitment to investing in locally-driven projects that support efforts to create long-term economic growth and stimulate job creation. Delivered locally by the State’s nine Regional Development Commissions, each grant of up to $250,000 is available for individual projects that contribute to job sustenance or creation, industry expansion or diversification, skill or capability development, business productivity enhancement, and new investment attraction in the regions. 

So far, more than $36 million has been allocated across 355 approved projects throughout the nine regions, demonstrating the program’s substantial impact on local economies. 

The grants aim to boost investment in local regional projects that drive population and economic growth initiatives, innovation pilots, and are community-driven. Specific focus areas include: 

  • Aboriginal economic development 
  • Innovation and Industry Diversification
  • Growing primary production
  • Tourism
  • Workforce development and accommodation
  • Vibrant communities and innovation 

The RED Grants for the Kimberley are facilitated by the Kimberley Development Commission with support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). For more information regarding RED Grants in the Kimberley, please contact the Commission and our Grant Officer, Celeste Hunter via email at or phone 0439 488 432.

Current Funding Round

Applications for Round 7 are now open and will close on 26 June 2024 at 4 PM.

The following documents will assist with your application:


Applications are assessed on a competitive basis, focusing on alignment with the Kimberley Development Commission’s regional priorities and the potential for economic diversification and employment growth. Assessing grants is a comprehensive process, and it is likely to take up to six months before we announce the new funding recipients. We appreciate your patience during this time. Applicants will be contacted as soon as the decision-making process has concluded.

Watch RED Grants Projects

Information on previous funding rounds

Round 6: Opened 5 May 2023 and closed 30 June 2022. The RED Grants attracted 41 applications seeking $7,959,452 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 6 Regional Economic Development (RED)

1cloudcarteldev22/04/2024 03:03 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:09 AMMarine Biomedical Pty Ltd$120, 000Developing the analytical capability for product testing on marine derived medical devices in Broom
2cloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:09 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:09 AMWawili Sound Solutions Pty Ltd$32, 066Wawili Studios – Mini film lot in Broome
3cloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:26 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:26 AMGoolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd$40, 000CinefestOZ Broome
4cloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMYawaru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation$140, 000SKUTTA – Kimberley fashion industry development program
5cloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMEwin Early Learning Centre$130, 000Building a sustainable local workforce
6cloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMcloudcarteldev23/04/2024 06:27 AMOne Tree Community Services Inc$130, 000Workplace mentor program for early childhood career pathways

Round 5: Opened 22 June 2022 and closed 24 August 2022. The RED Grants attracted 28 applications seeking $4,501,619 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 5 Regional Economic Development (RED)

1Ord River Distillery Pty Ltd T/as Hoochery Distillery$200,000Carbonating the Kimberley
2Kimberley Arts Network$75,000KAN Shed Refurbishment
3Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation$82,473Increasing Productivity & Diversification of Australian Native Fruit Farm
4Walaja Raw Bush Honey$90, 000Walaja Bush Honey Purpose Built Facility and Employee Support
5Generators and Off Grid Energy$150, 000Establishment of a renewable energy capability in the East Kimberley

Round 4: Opened 27 August 2021 and closed 21 October 2021. The RED Grants attracted 29 applications seeking $5,090,713 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 4 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

1Marine Biomedical Pty Ltd$200,000To enable a pilot Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory facility in Broome to manufacture PearlBone.
2East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry$75,000Addressing labour shortage issues in the East Kimberley region.
3Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation$60,000Expanding Mowanjum’s Pivot Capability to accommodate more Wagyu breeders
4Lakeside Minerals Livestock Pty Ltd$150,000Establishment of Lakeside Minerals Livestock – supplements for Kimberley pastoralists.
5Frilled Enterprises Pty Ltd$33,000Traffic Management Certification
6Frillnecks Enterprises Pty Ltd$170,000Little BIlbies Expansion Project
7MGC Building and Maintenance Pty Ltd$85,000Assistance in Purchasing Capital Equipment

Round 3: Opened 12 May 2020 and closed 7 July 2020. The RED Grants attracted 38 applications seeking $2,775,391 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 3 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

1Waste Not Food Recycling$97,039Black Soldier Fly Farming – to establish a pilot facility in Broome to feed organic waste to fly larvae and upcycle it into protein for feed and fertiliser products (previously announced)
2Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation$96,581Hydroponic fresh produce pilot – to purchase a hydroponic container to pilot fresh food production at the Derby Food Hub and improve living standards.
3Yiyili Community Indigenous Corporation$91,256Laarri Art Centre project – to relocate and refurbish the Halls Creek centre to a more prominent and functional location for artists and tourists and to encourage diversification of local indigenous art.
4Karajarri Traditional Lands Association$95,000Punturr Punturr Cultural Tourism Hub – to construct public ablutions with disabled access at Punturr Punturr (old Port Smith Bird Park), as part of the Karajarri Cultural Tourism Hub transformation.
5Waringarri Arts Aboriginal Corporation$90,000Kimberley Aboriginal Art – to develop the skills and capabilities of Aboriginal artists from four Kimberley art centres to develop new products, designs and markets.
6R.J. Agricultural Services$88,800Unlocking the value chain – to pilot plantago production and value add processing into psyllium husk for the health food industry in the Ord Valley.
7Enterprise Partnerships$88,625Piriwa Op Shop and Enterprise Hub – to establish a community hub to develop entrepreneurial capabilities, confidence and work readiness to activate the local Balgo economy.
8Shire of Halls Creek$20,650Halls Creek Indigenous Skills and Capabilities Development Program – to implement a driver training simulator to assist local job seekers to gain skills and capabilities to secure long-term employment.

Round 2: Opened 11 July 2019 and closed 13 September 2019. The RED Grants attracted 46 applications seeking $6,370,234 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 2 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

wdt_IDApplicantProjectFunding ($)
1Shire of Halls CreekIndigenous Civil Training Group$175,000
2Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation (KRCIC)KRCIC Roadworks Maintenance & Traffic Management$90,000
3Woolah Aboriginal CorporationDoon Doon Caravan Park and Campground Entry, Signage and Amenity$45,000
4Goolarri Media EnterprisesKimberley Girl 2020$81,000
5McKeno Corporation Pty LtdMcKeno Tyrepave$145,000
6Magabala Books Aboriginal CorporationIndigenous Publishing Cadetship$78,664
7Lombadina Aboriginal CorporationLombadina Tourism Amenities Upgrade$194,000
8Yeeda Pastoral Company Pty LtdColourstone public access truck wash and weighbridge$95,000
ApplicantProjectFunding ($)

Round 1: Opened 14 September 2018 and closed 2 November 2018. The RED Grants attracted 48 applications seeking $6,978,945 in funding. The following projects were successful:

Round 1 Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

wdt_IDApplicantProjectFunding ($)
1Kununurra Neighbourhood House IncKununurra Neighbourhood House New Facility – Construction Stage 1$180,000
2Mamabulanjin Aboriginal CorporationKakadu Plum Knowledge Centre$100,000
3Shire of BroomeShort Street Transit Hub$100,000
4Lake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking GroupLake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking Project$84,521
5Shire of BroomeChinatown Discovery Festival$50,000
6Yawoorrong Miriuwung Gajerrong Yirrgeb Noong Dawang Aboriginal CorporationDeveloping a Robust Commercial Vision for East Kimberley Industrial Hemp$47,000
7Imintji Aboriginal CorporationImintji Campground Facilities$32,592
8Shire of Halls CreekFacilities Infrastructure Upgrades for Social and Economic Development – Phase 3$26,120
9Shinju Matsuri IncShinju Matsuri 2019$20,000
10Baulu-Wah Aboriginal CorporationViolet Valley Campground signage, impression and Promotion$15,713
ApplicantProjectFunding ($)

Grant acquittals

Successful applicants of the RED Grants must acquit the grant in accordance with the Grant agreement.

For further information on the acquittal process, discuss business eligibility or for any other questions regarding the RED Grants, please contact Yvette Parker, Grant and Projects Officer on 9194 3000 or Email

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