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Cost of Living

Living costs are relative and can greatly depend on lifestyle and preferences. However, the Regional Price Index 2021 (“RPI”) can assist residents, businesses and employers to gauge the relative cost of living in regional  WA. The RPI is produced by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development every two years and compares the prices of a ‘basket’ of over 220 goods and services between Regions and Perth. ‘Basket’ items are also weighted to reflect the relative importance of the different goods and services.

Findings of the most recent RPI report show that, in 2021, the Kimberley was on average 10.8% more expensive to live in than Perth, with Fitzroy Crossing being the most expensive place to live in the Kimberley at an average 13.4% more expensive than Perth. The good news is that all Kimberley centres are relatively more affordable than they were in 2019. The most notable improvement was in Halls Creek with an improvement in the cost of the basket of goods and services of 14.6% since 2019. Derby has again shown an improvement in the level of prices and remains the most affordable place to live in the Kimberley after Wyndham. The tables and map below show further details on the RPI for the State and the Kimberley region (click on ‘+’ to zoom in or ‘-‘ to zoom out on the map).

Change % in Regional WA Price Index 2017-2021

Change % in Regional WA Price Index 2017-2021

wdt_ID Location 2017 2019 2021 Change % 2019-2021
4Fitzroy Crossing (a)121.8113.4-8.4
5Halls Creek116.8126.9112.3-14.6
6Kununurra (b)113.7110.6107.9-2.7
7Wyndham (b)113.7118.5107.0-11.5
Location201720192021Change % 2019-2021

Notes: (a) Computation for Fitzroy Crossing commenced in 2019
(b) In 2017, Wyndham and Kununurra were deemed as same region ‘Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley’

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