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KDC sponsorship and financial assitance.

Every year, the Kimberley Development sponsors a small number of events or activities of regional significance. These may include, for example, major Kimberley events or forums, business planning or development work on strategic projects, or representation of the Kimberley at key events and forms outside the region. 

Funding of this kind is generally limited to one-off costs of participation or other targeted uses, and is not available to meet capital expenses or normal operating costs. Sponsorship is generally limited to a maximum of $5,000 or up to $10,000 for recognised events of central importance for development of our region. 

Past Recipients

In recent years, the Commission has funded the following activities in this way:

KDC Sponsorships

wdt_ID Organisation Amount Project
1Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry$5,0002019 Broome Small Business Awards
2Wunan Foundation Inc$10,0002019 East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards
3Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry$5,000Broome Business Attraction & Investment Prospectus
4Saltwater Country$10,000Rythm and Ride – childrens workshop
5The Makers Community Development Inc$1,0002019 Youth on Health Festival
6Derby Chamber of Commerce Inc$10,0002019 Kimberley Economic Forum
7Goolarri Media Enterprises$10,0002019 Kimberley Girl Program
8Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre$10,000Chamber of Commerce Assistance Package
9Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc$10,000Chamber of Commerce Assistance Package
10Derby Chamber of Commerce & Industry$10,000Chamber of Commerce Assistance Package
11East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce & Industry$10,000Visitor Centres Assistance Package
12Broome Visitor Centre$10,000Visitor Centres Assistance Package
13Derby Visitor Centre$5,000Visitor Centres Assistance Package
15Halls Creek Visitor Centre$5,000Visitor Centres Assistance Package
16Kununurra Visitor Centre$10,000Visitor Centres Assistance Package
17Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre$10,000Chamber of Commerce Assistance Package
18Kununurra Visitor Centre$2,000Save Our Season 2020 Event
19Kununurra Agricultural Society$3,745Telephone & IT Equipment Upgrade
20Shinju Matsuri Inc$40,000Shinju Matsuri 2020
21Saltwater Country Inc$10,000Rhythm and Ride Event 2020
22Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc$5,0002020 Broome Business Excellence Awards
23Australia’s North West$5,000Dirt Music Premiere Event
24East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce & Industry$10,000Kimberley Economic Forum 2021
25Wunan Foundation$10,000East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards 2021
26Shire Wyndham East Kimberley$175,000Melbourne Kununurra Direct Air Services – Marketing
27Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc$5,0002021 Broome Business Excellence Awards
29Saltwater Country Inc$5,000Rhythm and Ride Event 2021
30Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation$25,000Port Warrender Road – Grading and Maintenance Program
31Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation$2,500Stront Women Business Gathering
33WAITOC$3,000World Indigenous Tourism Summit 2023
34Marine Biomedical Pty Ltgd$10,000Musculoskeletal Summit 2023
35Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry$5,000Kimberley Economic Forum 2022
36East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry$3,000EK Business Excellence Awards 2022
37Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry$3,500Broome Business Excellence Awards 2022
39Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry$10,000Kimberley Economic Forum 2023
40Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry$5,000Broome Business Excellence Award 2023


To seek sponsorship from the Commission, please complete this form and email to

There are no fixed fundind rounds or deadlines for KDC sponsorship.

Applications are assessed as they are received, and every effort is made to respond quickly and definitively.

Applications must be able to show a persuasive link between the activity proposed and the long-term prosperity and wellbeing of the Kimberley community. 


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The Kimberley is a complex landscape that represents one sixth of Western Australia’s land mass; equivalent to twice the size of Victoria.

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