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WA State Budget 2023/24

The WA State Budget 2023/24 was announced last month May 2023. The budget forecasts a remarkable $4.2 billion surplus and anticipates an impressive overall growth rate of 4.25% by the end of 2023, marking the highest growth in the past nine years.

Despite facing challenges such as inflation and periodic interest rate hikes, the state has demonstrated resilience, characterised by low unemployment at 3.4% and sustained economic growth. To alleviate the burden of the rising cost of living, the budget introduces a significant measure whereby approximately $400 will be deducted from the electricity bills of every household in the state.

At a glance, the Budget allocates significant funds towards housing, climate change, infrastructure, and a record-breaking investment of $2.7 billion in health and mental health. These investments reflect the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its residents and ensuring the state’s continued progress and prosperity. 

For the Kimberely region, residents and businesses can expect to see more investment in the region, with increased support for overall safety and wellbeing. To read the complete WA State Budget, visit the government website here. For a summary of the investments, continue reading below. 


Kununurra Conversation – WACOSS State Budget

The Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) is hosting a free community conversation for its State Budget Submission on the 26th June at The Cambridge Hotel Restaurant 2 pm – 4 pm. This event provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to contribute their perspectives and priorities to inform WACOSS’s advocacy efforts on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Led by Rachel Siewert, Deputy CEO, and Ashleigh Gregory, Community Relief and Resilience Coordinator, this conversation aims to directly address emerging issues and highlight the priorities of front-line community services. The insights gathered will help shape WACOSS’s engagement with relevant Ministers and government departments, influencing future priorities and policies.

This event, open to all non-profit and non-governmental community and social service providers in Kununurra and the surrounding region, is free to attend. It serves as a platform for community concerns to be brought directly to the State Government, fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration towards better outcomes for those experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage. Get your free tickets here.


WA State Budget for the Kimberley Region

Building Stronger, Fairer Communities

The McGowan Government has prioritised initiatives in the Budget aimed at providing support to the most vulnerable individuals and fostering thriving communities across Western Australia. Some key initiatives include:

  • An additional $54.6 million in support for programs aimed at reducing the involvement of youth and vulnerable individuals in the justice system. This includes the extension of programs such as Target 120 and Kimberley Juvenile Justice Strategy for at-risk youth, as well as the continuation of the Aboriginal Community Connectors Program.
  • A boost of $52.5 million for family and domestic violence (FDV) initiatives, encompassing funding for refuge and safe house service providers. Additionally, the establishment of a new FDV Hub in Broome and the extension of the Mirrabooka and Kalgoorlie FDV Hubs will ensure victim-survivors are connected with the necessary support services they require.

Community Safety

In light of the devastating impact of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie, the Government has taken swift action to address the needs of the affected communities in the Kimberley region. A substantial allocation of over $322 million has been dedicated in the Budget to provide assistance and aid to these communities during their recovery and rebuilding efforts. This funding demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting the affected individuals and helping them restore their lives and livelihoods in the wake of this natural disaster. Response measures include:

  • $80 million for emergency road recovery works and to repair flood affected internal communities and affected internal roads. 
  • $42 million for a Freight Assistance Package
  • $33 million for a Temporary Accommodation Package
  • $81.7 million to upgrade and maintain the State’s emergency radio network and equipment used by frontline officers – including police officers and firefighters. 
  • $24.4 million to permanently appoint 29 dedicated disaster recovery officers to form WA’s largest ever recovery team to respond to this and any future disasters. 
  • $11.7 million to extend Operation Regional Shield, maintaining additional police resourcing in communities hardest hit by youth crime. 

Investing in our Regions

The 2023-24 Budget prioritises regional development in Western Australia with a $4 billion allocation to the Royalties for Regions program over 4 years, and an additional $11.2 billion investment in regional infrastructure, including $5.3 billion dedicated to regional road funding.

Substantial funding has been allocated to enhance regional service delivery across various sectors, such as healthcare, education, training, and police, demonstrating the government’s commitment to comprehensive support for regional communities. Funding includes:

  • An increased spending of $342 million on regional health and mental health initiatives, including the continuation of the Mental Health Emergency Telehealth Service and additional investment in the regional workforce of WA Health.
  • An additional investment of $61.6 million in Government Regional Officer Housing to support the attraction and retention of public sector workers.
  • Allocation of $32.6 million to protect the State’s livestock industries from biosecurity threats, including emergency animal disease preparedness and implementing an electronic identification (eID) system for sheep and goats.
  • Provision of $31.3 million for the Buccaneer Archipelago Marine Parks.
  • Allocation of $23.6 million to support survivors of family and domestic violence in the regions, including the establishment of a new FDV Hub in Broome.
  • Dedication of $20.2 million for Future Drought Fund programs to enhance farm and regional community resilience.
  • An additional $20.7 million for the Regional Airfare Zone Cap scheme.
  • Investment of $6.5 million towards implementing the Aquaculture Development Plan for Western Australia.


Supporting Wellbeing of First Nation Peoples

With the goal to deliver a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Budget is investing $1.9b in initiatives for First Nation peoples and communities. Initiatives vary from the Voice Referendum, commitments to support Closing the Gap as well as Regional Voice arrangements. Budget includes:

  • $314.m for health and wellbeing initiatives. 
  • $100m for housing and essential infrastructure on Northern Territory homelands.
  • $99m to improve justice outcomes. 
  • $83.8m to develop and deploy microgrid technology across First Nation communities. 

The Budget builds on the $1.2b invested in the October 2022 Budget, aiming to improve the lives and economic opportunities of First Nations Australians. To read more on the 2023-24 Budget Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, refer to the government Fact Sheet here


WA’s Budget

The budget highlights a significant commitment to regional development, with substantial investments in infrastructure, including road funding, and support for regional service delivery in various sectors.

Overall, the WA State Budget 2023/24 sets the stage for continued growth, resilience, and community support, with a focus on building safer, stronger, and fairer communities throughout Western Australia, particularly in the Kimberley region.



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