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Horizon Power - Solar

The State Government, through Horizon Power, will invest $21 million in Kimberley infrastructure projects focused on renewable energy technologies to kick-start the State’s economy as part of the WA Recovery Plan. This funding will enable Horizon Power to fast track a number of its energy infrastructure projects which would improve power efficiency and reliability across the Kimberley, including in remote communities.

The Kimberley region will receive a suite of innovative, clean energy projects that will create jobs and improve the State’s renewable energy footprint.

Broome and Yungngora will benefit from the installation of its own Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Each BESS project will enable more customers to install, connect and enjoy the long-term benefits and savings of rooftop solar and will create approximately 20 jobs during design, construction and installation phases.

Four new standalone power systems will be deployed to the Kimberley as part of an investment into this technology across the North-West of the State. Standalone power systems use solar and battery technology to generate and store electricity, and will allow more customers to benefit from safer, higher quality and more reliable power, 24 hours a day.

In addition, the Shire of Derby will benefit from an investment towards the installation of solar panel systems across its portfolio of public buildings. All of Derby’s conventional streetlights will be replaced by smart LED streetlights which are more efficient, reducing operating costs and environmental impacts.

Horizon Power will also work in partnership with Derby Health Services to co-design a large-scale solar panel and battery solution.

In January 2022, Kalumburu, which is the furthermost permanent settlement along the remote Kimberley coast of Western Australia, had a battery energy storage solution commissioned. The community’s only power source up until then had been from diesel generation. Horizon Power will re-invest the cost savings from the project into the community through its new Community Energy Fund, which is a first for the State Government-owned utility. This means Horizon Power can give back $15,000 per year for 10 years, or $150,000 upfront, for the community to invest in its own renewable energy projects. The Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation is working with Horizon Power to determine how the funding can be best invested.

Find out more:–announcements/solar-project-in-remote-community-delivers-funding/

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