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Horizon Power – Skuthorpe

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Horizon Power - Skuthorpe

Horizon Power, along with the Broome Shire, Kimberley Development Commission, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, and other major stakeholders are developing a proposal to share the cost of extending the power supply to the Skuthorpe Horticultural precinct, situated about 23 kilometres east of Broome.

The Skuthorpe power line will be a 13km line along the Broome road from 12 Mile to Roebuck Station, with the aim to assist in the attraction of further investment in what is a growing agricultural and horticultural precinct on the outskirts of Broome.

The Skuthorpe precinct has been an area with a focus on primary produce over several decades. Recent investment in projects such as Fruitico’s table grape operations and Murringo Farms’ asparagus crop have seen investment on a larger scale. Providing power to this location is expected to attract further agricultural investment, as well as benefit other infrastructure projects planned for the locality such as the Shire of Broome’s waste management facility.

Another potential customer, the Roebuck Roadhouse, is expected to play an important support role for the expanding agricultural precinct, through the provision of accommodation for up to 500 seasonal workers at Skuthorpe.

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