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Halls Creek Masterplan

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Halls Creek Masterplan

A detailed and structured masterplan has been prepared for an urban expansion in Halls Creek, which provides the statutory framework for managing land use and development within the Shire.  As the town of Halls Creek grows and new areas are developed, it is critical that investment is made in infrastructure upgrades to support urban expansion and a growing population.

The future growth and strategic direction of Halls Creek is outlined in the Shire of Halls Creek’s Local Planning Strategy which was developed in 2016, and local planning scheme No. 2 that was finalised in 2019.

The Halls Creek Masterplan provides a blueprint for infrastructure investment through a collection of projects across four key themes. These themes were identified though preliminary community engagement and are:

  1. Enjoyable safe access:

Safe and enjoyable access to facilities are key features in shaping the structure of a growing Halls Creek. Ensuring safe and enjoyable access ensures the community is connected with facilities, employment, and experience.

  1. Improve and enhance liveability:

Adding amenities such as a junior oval, dedicated space for cultural ceremonies and events, community-led neighbourhood parks, and integrated water management will help the community to enhance and enjoy the liveability of the town.

  1. Celebrating cultural identity:

Cultural identity is critical to residents, and acknowledging the main aspects of the community’s culture such as art, language, appearance of public spaces, outdoor activities, and natural features of the area creates the opportunity for the community to be involved in shaping the town.

  1. Financial Sustainability:

Shaping and maintaining existing and new communities has to be financially sustainable.

More recently, the Shire of Halls Creek finalised the Halls Creek Strategic Resource Plan 2021–2036 that outlines the Shires on-going commitment to an integrated approach to planning for the District’s future.

This project has received funding and is well underway.


Useful documents:

Halls Creek Masterplan

Halls Creek Strategic Resource plan 2021 – 2036

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